Clawton Primary School is a fantastic setting for children to learn and develop. Our vision BELIEVE, BELONG, BECOME guides our school community in it’s daily efforts to add value to our children’s learning and welfare. It models the strength of character that being safe, being ready and being respectful adds to our learning dispositions.

During our school journey we believe that everyone should foster a love of learning and inspire a passion for learning. This ethos is reflected our mantra, ‘Don’t stop until you are proud of yourself’. We recognise that the best learning is achieved through the provision of exciting, broad and stimulating experiences and that only through taking risks and making mistakes can we reach our full potential. We will always inspire others to reach beyond their own aspirations and show others we are willing to do the same to always insist on high standards.

Belonging in Clawton School places us at the heart of our community – local and global. A community that values the individual first and will work hard to improve the outcomes for all. We are all leaders and we seek to develop leadership in everyone. We want to understand, respect and celebrate the differences of our world while growing our personal knowledge.

If we ‘believe’ and ‘belong’ then we will ‘become’ independent and autonomous lifelong learners who value and are valued. We  nurture the highest aspirations for ourselves and the highest regard for others. We will be successful, educated, confident and caring individuals. True flourishing global citizens of the future.





Inspire Changemakers