Royal Blue Clawton jumper or cardigan with school badge.

White shirt or polo shirt with a collar.

Dark grey / black school trousers or skirt.


For school, all girls or boys with long hair need to tie it back. Please use a plain dark hair band or hair tie (a royal blue one would be lovely!).

Plain black, flat soled or small heel, school shoes (trainers are acceptable as long as they have no markings and are plain black). No boots please.

Please do not wear jewellery. Children can wear studs in ears and a watch (an analogue model with hands is best to learn to tell the time).

In the Summer, children can wear dark grey or black tailored shorts (boys and girls) or royal blue gingham summer dresses.

PE Kit

(This needs to be a change of clothes)

A blue T-shirt for warm weather and indoors. A royal blue fleece/sweatshirt for outdoors, which can be bought through the school office and a wind proof lightweight coat (this is not essential but can be worn if the weather is poor).

Black shorts. Training shoes to suit the activity undertaken (if the children are wearing shoes with laces, they must be able to tie them please).

School uniform can be purchased on the following website: