We Believe that...


~   we should all love learning / we should inspire a passion for learning

~   the best learning is achieved through the provision of broad and stimulating experiences

~   that only through taking risks and making mistakes can we learn better

~   we should always reach beyond our own aspirations and we will encourage others to do the same

~   we should always expect high standards

In belonging we....


~   are all at the heart of our community - local and global

~   are a community that values the individual first

~   work hard as a team to improve the outcomes for all

~   recognise that we are all leaders and seek to develop the capacity to lead in everyone

~   seek to understand, respect and celebrate the differences of our world (while educating ourselves in and seeking explanation for ideals which we cannot reconcile in our community)

We will become...


~   independent and autonomous lifelong learners

~   valued members of our communities who have the highest aspirations for ourselves and the highest regard for others

~   successful, educated, confident and caring individuals