What is Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual (SMSC)?



Our school vision is ‘Believe, Belong and Become’.  We are committed to helping our children develop and evolve at Woolacombe School and beyond.  We wish to empower, encourage and inspire children to become life-long learners, who are confident, creative, respectful, resilient, independent and understand how ‘values’ can enrich your life.

How do we help the children on their journey at Woolacombe School?

  • Shared message throughout the school about ‘growth mindset’ and ‘Building Learning Power’ with displays and shared language, with the aim to empower the children to take responsibility for their learning.

  • Key Stage and whole school assemblies with key themes, linked to (SMSC) concepts, with visitors from the community, such as: Reverend Giles King-Smith, SAS Plastic-Free Schools and the RNLI.

  • To share ideas, moments of reflection and learning online with class blogging.

  • Sharing children’s achievements, at and outside of school, on school e-newsletters and assemblies.

  • To create a sense of self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence in the children.

  • To empower and begin to appreciate ‘right from wrong’ and to respect civil and criminal law.  Apply our knowledge and understanding of the school policy for anti-bullying to use our WITS – Walk away, Ignore, Tell Staff.  Have a look at the posters that we’ve designed and presented in and around Woolacombe School.

  • Enrich their understanding of different cultures and beliefs using a range of different teaching and learning strategies.



What are British Values?

As well as promoting our core values within school, we also promote the following fundamental British values (citizenship): Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  We also follow these threads throughout the year.  Click on the link for an overview.

Promoting-British-Values 2 Year Rolling plan GH


We explore these through:

    • Child-led Class Charter created for each class to create a happy, helpful and safe learning environment.  See our example from Year 3.


    • School Council representatives – voted democratically at the start of each school year – working together with Mrs Seddon  (see our display which shows our team and efforts in our school).

  • Pupil voice to create and reflect on key questions at the start and throughout topic learning.

  • Pupil voice learning discussions during subject focus weeks, e.g. Maths Focus Week

  • Anti-Bullying Week (Autumn Term)

  • ‘Healthy Me’ week (Summer Term)

  • E-safety (computing lessons and regular blogging)

  • Bikeability, Stephen’s Shield and the Learning Community Aquathlon, Ilfracombe and Great Torrington

  • Peer Mediator Team – voted democratically from Year 6 – to support younger year groups enjoy their break and lunch times

  • Cake Bake Sales for raising funds for school projects, e.g. Lunch time games equipment and music to enjoy

  • Playtime Leaders – Year 5 support and coordinate games and activities to enjoy to lunch times

  • Christmas Senior Citizen Tea and Mince Pie celebration hosted by the Year 6s

  • Year 6 annual visit to the Houses of Parliament to discover more about our country’s Law with a learning conversation with the local Member of Parliament, Peter Heaton-Jones.  Plus, local Magistrates visiting for Q and A sessions.

  • School Clubs – see separate webpage for the great variety of learning opportunities

We participate and have participated in great British events such as:  St George’s Day, ‘Christingle Service’, Easter, Harvest Festival, Fireworks on the Field, Remembrance events, supporting ‘Children in Need’ and more…

Click on the link for how we celebrated and reflected on remembrance-day.

Underpinning these messages and learning, we share assemblies created by the teaching team and children, which uphold traditional values of empathy, resilience, celebration, respect and curiosity.  These are also taught through cross-curricular learning and explicit learning in SMSC lessons across all Key Stages.

Useful citizenship websites to explore:

Surfers Against Sewage Plastic-Free Schools Initiative https://www.sas.org.uk/plastic-free-schools/

CBBC Newsround  http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround