Welcome to Clawton Pre-school and Toddler Group

Clawton Pre-school and Toddler Group aims to provide a safe, secure, caring and fun environment for your child enabling them to develop, learn and be school ready.

We occupy a large room, kitchen and washrooms with fenced off garden purpose built on the school grounds. We have the use of the sports hall, field and playground within the grounds of Clawton Primary School.

We welcome children from any locality and are not bound by catchment areas.

We provide a rich framework based on play with learning activities that ensure we cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Please visit the school Class Pages to find out more. 

Clawton Pre-School welcomes children from the day they turn 2yrs.

From the term after your child's 3rd birthday they are entitled to 30 free funded hours a week. If you use all of your funded hours at Clawton Pre school we can offer a reduced rate, (please see our opening hours and fees section for full details)

Our Friday morning Toddler Group welcomes children and their parents from birth to school age. 

The Inside Scoop... Joining

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 We welcome children from the day they turn 2 years. If you wish to taste a session you are most welcome. 

You know your child better than anyone and this is why you and your child are asked to complete our "This Is Me" sheet, to enable the staff to incorporate suggestions, preferences and air any worries that you or your child may have.

We operate a Key Person system which means your child will be assigned a member of staff that will be responsible for their learning, development, safety and well being and they will be able to record their development and learning in detail. 

All of our policies and procedures are available as a download or can be accessed as a hard copy. 

Our Staff

  • Justine Henderson    Lead Practitioner
  • Nicky Mitchell            Practitioner
  • Christine Knight         Reception & Pre-school Learning Support Assistant & Administrative Assistant
  • Katie Salt                   Teacher
  • Jamet Paget              EYFS Lead Teacher & Reception Class teacher


What We Get Up To

Session planning is done a weekly basis which enables your child's interests and suggestions to be taken into account and helps to keep the children motivated. We feel allowing the children to suggest ideas helps to give them a sense of belonging. The weekly plan is always on view for parents to see.

The Pre-school has a strong Leadership Team with teacher involvement every Thursday and on-going transition to the School Reception Class.

We use encouragement and praise to promote good behaviour. Distraction techniques are employed to discourage unwanted behaviour, along with the removal of any potential problem.

Our Day

We start our day at 9.30 am, where children are able to access all activities after their registration.

An adult led activity with specific learning outcomes is introduced around 10 am.

Snack time is approximately 10.30 am and your child will be involved in setting the table and serving our healthy food and drink to the whole group.

After snack we enjoy songs and rhymes, followed by a physical activity until lunch.

On our shorter days we finish with a story and singing our Clawton Pre-School song before home time.

On our longer days further activities take place until home time at 3 pm.