‘Taking C360 Outdoors’


At our school taking C360 outside allows our children to discover, experiment, learn about and connect to the natural world. We are fortunate to have large open spaces which enable children to gain a vast range of knowledge and skills through collaborative learning projects. 


Being outside allows our learners to further develop personal growth and academic success. As we ‘Live Our Virtues’ outdoor learning encourages our learners to develop and apply virtues such as cooperation, resilience, resourcefulness, compassion, creativity, reflection, courage and confidence. Taking C360 outside promotes personal, social and communication skills, improves wellbeing and spiritual health.


At our school we are always finding ways of improving our outdoor areas. We work closely with our parents and wider community, including other schools within our trust, developing plans for our school to engage in environmental studies as well as developing an understanding of how we can interact with the elements and develop a greater awareness of the world in which we live. This in turn enables pupils to focus on how to improve the world in which we live, becoming inspiring changemakers.