Pupils come to Clawton Primary School mainly from the villages and

farms in and around Clawton, Tetcott and Luffincott. Pupils also come to our school from Holsworthy and surrounding areas.


The Pre-school which is Governor-run, currently meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (variable hours) in their own purposeful setting with outdoor area next to the  school hall block.


We have instigated home-visits for Reception and Pre-School which will support your child and their learning. The Class Teacher and Pre-School Leader will make arrangements with you.


The Pre-School being part of the school means that we have regular transition meetings and involvement in school activities and the Reception Class. The children are able to become familiar with the premises of the school, and develop good learning behaviours and expectations which aids for a very smooth transition. There is also a Parent & Toddler Group which meets in the Pre-school class on Friday mornings.



Children will normally start school full-time at the

beginning of the Autumn Term when they are four

(ie the September following their 4th birthday).

Each child will have individual needs and these can

be catered for by discussion with the Headteacher/Early

Years Teacher.  Clawton Primary School are committed

to providing the very best programme to help ease our

younger pupils into full-time education.


Parents are informed via letter of the transition programme

and a home visits arranged, the Early Years Teacher

consults with parents on a suitable time and date.  We have

some early learning games, puzzles and activities that are available for parents to borrow for use with their children at home; please discuss your child's needs with the Early Years teacher who will be able to advise you on suitable materials.  If parents wish to stay for a while at some of the earlier part-time sessions we are happy for this to happen.


For eligible children, the Education Authority is responsible for the provision of transport during the child's full time schooling but it is the responsibility of the parents to organise transport when the child is attending part-time. Parents moving into the area or interested in a place for their child should first contact the school to check availability when an informal visit to the school can be arranged.


Our pupils transfer mainly to Holsworthy Community College - Year 6 pupils visit the College for a programme of transition activities and HCC staff come into school to help prepare them for transfer.  Parents and pupils are invited to an initial meeting at the Holsworthy Community College during the late Summer Term the year before they are due to transfer (i.e. at the end of Year 5).  If you wish to send your child to a school other than the designated school, you should first contact the Headteacher to see if a place is likely to be available in the school of your choice. If you take up such a place you will forfeit the right to a place at the school in your designated area.


Admissions for children starting education are handled by Devon County Council, however it is still advisable to contact the school in the first instance to express your interest and arrange an informal visit.  The school maintains a register of those who have “expressed an interest” in their child attending Clawton School. This list is provided to Devon County Admissions Team during the Autumn Term prior to your child starting school and information about the admissions process will be sent by them to you during November, explaining the whole process.  It is then parental responsibility to return the application form (on-line or in paper format) to the Admissions Team at DCC by mid-January.


Devon County Council allocate places up to the school’s PAN (Pupil Admission Number) and send confirmation letters to parents in March/April. Where the school has more requests for places than places available Devon County Council has issued oversubscription criteria for the Academic Year and these are on the LA’s website.  Most year groups in the school are currently full and, where this is the case, we will be able to let you know what action you need to take.


Please see the website for full details of the Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme for Primary, this is available for both 2018/19 and 2019/20.


The Planned Admission Number for Clawton Primary School for 2018/19 is 15.