We seek to understand the value of maths across the curriculum and its application in a variety of contexts. All of our maths is taught in context because maths lives in context. Our topics give us incredible opportunities to explore the relevance of different areas of maths.


In maths we value explanation. Through this, our children are able to become more efficient, see concepts differently and are able to share their understanding with others. At Woolacombe we encourage children to deepen their understanding by representing it in a variety of ways. We also strive to choose efficient strategies in order to access some amazing concepts!

Some of our maths expectations are:

  • Working in context- using real figures whenever we can so we can always learn about our topic.
  • Writing in a pen as soon as possible. We don’t worry about our mistakes and rub them out, we learn from them.
  • ‘Thought bubbles’ to share our thinking with the teacher. How we came to an answer and what we thought along the way.
  • Working with others to improve our decision making.
  • Rulers and pencils for drawing, because presentation is a key to being accurate
  • Daily home learning in key stage 2. If it’s not solved in ten minutes, your teacher will help you the next day.


We teach a progression of skills through our calculation policy. This is how we teach mathematical concepts to our children. You can see how we implement the concrete-pictorial-abstract model in our maths workshops, the next on is on the 7th November 2017. The policy is here:

SWSF calculation policy